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Looky looky folks!!

See that?  That would be a dry floor.  Thanks, Drains Bond.  Or alternate universe Midge and Leroy.  Or whoever is the patron saint of people who are really stressed out by waterlogged floors in their new home.   I promise I’ll sacrifice a chicken or something in your honour.  (Well…..I’ll eat some KFC.  That totally counts, right?)

In other “Yay” news this week –  we have verbal approval from the council on everything.  I’m still EVER SO SLIGHTLY not believing that it’s all go until I see it in writing, but architect James seems happy.  I wonder if sacrificing chickens to the council works?  May upgrade my order to a three pack and  Zinger burger, just to be safe.

And this week I popped in to find this –

I hope this flatpack comes with instructions….

That would be 900 linear metres of wood, which should form all our new walls.  (Or, if the leak comes back, we can always build an ark.)  All carried in by hand by some poor hapless apprentice labourer.   The same one who also removed 42 bags of sand from the ceiling cavity.

Sandbags, all ready for the global warming.

I believe we may owe someone some beer.

Just when we’re getting ready to start putting up new walls, we had to tear holes in all our old ones.  Dom found signs of borer in all the upstairs timber.  The damage didn’t appear to be too extensive, but it seemed like a good time to treat it.  I didn’t stick around to watch the treatment, because a)It took about 14 hours to do and b) it involved chemicals with fun names like arsenic and cyanide.  I figure if Newbie shouldn’t be exposed to caffeine or alcohol in utero, I should probably steer clear of anything with a skull and crossbones on the bottle too.

So that should stop the little critters from munching away at our lovely solid timber, and also gives us lots of holes to jam with insulation.  And according to everything I read about efficient home heating, insulation is next to Godliness.  More chicken?