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Though I talked about how exciting it is to see walls going up, it’s also quite exciting to see some walls coming down –


After! Well….during….

We’re finally starting to see the space for our open plan kitchen, well – opening up.

In the beginning, there was darkness

 Then Dom said, “Let there be light”, and there was light. And a crapload of random wires.

Seriously, what are all those wires for???  Was this place going to be a restaurant, or the local telephone exchange?  Can I tap into these and listen in on the neighbourhood gossip?  I want to be around when it comes time to take them out.  Just so I can hover my wiresnippers over the cables, sweating and muttering,  “The red wire, or the blue wire, the red wire or the blue wire, dammit???”.   ( I’d even attempt a commando roll after making a wincing cut, except trying to do a commando roll when eight months pregnant is likely to leave me cast on my back like a beached whale.  And we’re close enough to the sea that people could get the wrong impression, and I really don’t want DOC to have to go to all the bother of coming out to investigate.)

There is also now a small hole in one of the kitchen walls representing what will be my new window.  I’m very proud of this window.  James and Midge can take the credit for imagining and designing the seven metre glass slider, the full frontal seaview windows, the new and improved bedroom portals….but I alone came up with this little beauty.

Behold the magnificence.

  Oh sure, you scoff at it now.  But one day, that window is going to have glass.  And probably go all the way through the wood on the other side.  Then we’ll see who has the last laugh.

So now, the serious work begins.  Colour decisions.

Will it be turquoise, sea green, teal, blue green, green blue, or aquamarine?

Yes folks, we have to finalise the kitchen designs plans, build it, install it, wire it, light it, leak proof it, tile it, plumb it, and install my precious window….and what keeps me up at night is exactly what shade the cabinets are going to be.