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So how are we going, time wise?  Originally our deadline was to be finished before Newbie arrived.   All going to plan (and I gather there are far fewer delays due to bad weather or supply issues in obstetrics than in renovations), we should welcome the sproglet in around 3-4 weeks.  Right before Christmas.  So….what do you think our chances are of moving in by that original deadline?

Magic 8-ball says “Outlook Not So Good”.

Think we might need a skip bin or two…

I think this is one of those situations where its quicker to list what has been done, rather than what needs to be done.  For example – we’ve dug a big hole ( where eventually concrete will be poured to support a roof strut that the steelworkers will make soon, which will one day hold up the ceiling so that the big sliding door can go in there once its been manufactured and delivered.)

Hole for dropping structural engineers into.

Old bottles of booze found under the floorboards – presumably left by the original builders. I wonder what our current team are going to leave?

But no, I won’t let this post become a whinge-fest like the last one.  I’m going to look on the bright side!

Our tiler starts next week!  And we even have some tiles for him to work with!

Our tiles are tucked away in a warehouse somewhere, so I couldn’t get photos of them – but rest assured they are going to be as awesome as this.  Almost.  Maybe.

Gib is going up!  We can start to see the shape and size of the rooms!

Pugsley’s new room

Newbie’s room

Just a bit more Gib to go up….

We’ve gotten rid of the hideous 80s style glass balustrade, and replaced it with something a lot simpler and more streamlined (and bonus!  Less cleaning required!)

Well, less cleaning until the toddlers get their hands on some crayons….

Last time I had a baby I was scrubbing the washing machine with a toothbrush, hand-making mobiles out of ribbons and fairywings, and painting a hallway.

This time, the new mortgage has been approved, the joiner has started making the kitchen, the plumber has installed the  heat pipes,  the carpet has been ordered, and I’ve been going paint sample crazy again.  Sorry,  Newbie.  This is as close to nesting as you get.

Is it wierd that I am seriously considering this colour for Newbie’s room?