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I’m having tremendous fun with the tradies right now.  Newbie is due in two days time, and I can see them eyeing me up as if at any moment they are going to be required to boil water and bring large quantities of towels.   Throw in a couple of winces and clutching at the bump (kid’s got a decent right hook in there!), and  I think this is what they are expecting….


Give me another week of being pregnant, and I think I will welcome this as an option.

We had our first site BBQ today, to thank all everyone for all their hard work before most of them knock off for the holidays.  Wellington gave us a stunning day, and despite the piles of rubble and dirt, it was a lovely preview of how we hope to spend summer afternoons for years to come.

Stubbies optional...

Stubbies optional…

We brought beer, sausages, steak and salad.  Reinforcements were sent out for more beer when it became clear that I had vastly underestimated Manly Beverage Consumption.  It also appears I had vastly overestimated Manly Green Stuff Consumption, and will now be eating salad for the next week.

We also came to a decision today after months of dithering, and ordered a ceiling fan for the main area.


From the very aptly named Big Ass Fans, the Isis fan is supposed to be more efficient than 9 regular sized fans, but works at a slow speed – so it shouldn’t actually lift the roof off.

Or should we just have gone with nine of these?

Or should we just have gone with nine of these?

All our research showed that this should be the best option to keep hot air from pooling at the top of the barrel ceiling, and move it back down to the lower living areas.     We made the call tonight, and hopefully our fan will be on a boat to NZ by the end of the year.

Also pretty much sorted this week, after further months of dithering: the lighting plan!  Who knew lights could be so complicated?  Turns out there are all these rules and regulations about halogens and LEDs and IC and IP rated.    It’s worse than speaking plumberese!  And to make matters worse, we have an electrician and a lighting designer, both of whom talk to me, and expect me to interpret, understand,  reach a decision, and (here’s the kicker) pass on that information accurately to the other person.

Do they not understand that lately I have difficulty interpreting and understanding the label on an ice cream carton and deciding if I want chocolate or strawberry?


Lighting manufacturers need to come up with an electrical version of Neopolitan ice cream for the terminally indecisive.