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Want to see what $5000 looks like?


Go on…guess exactly what on this charming street frontage could possibly have cost….well, more than a tenner, really.

Need a clue?


Yup – $5000 will buy you some LOVELY yellow and black bling for your power lines.  All the hip wires are wearing them this year.  Nothing says ‘Naff off, seagulls!” like some danger stripes.  And we thought they’d add such a fancy touch to the front of the house, they go so nicely with the pointy yellow roofline.  People will call us the Bee House.  (We’d be the Beehive, obv, but that’s already taken.  Dang politicians.)

Actually, these wrapped wires represent one of our biggest bargains of the project.  As you can tell, there are quite a lot of live lines right in front of the house, and we have some rather charming young men who are going to be putting up cladding and installing new windows.


The builders seem to be camera shy, but be assured that they all look pretty much like this. (That’s what you get for dodging the camera, boys.)

And we like these men, and we (and the Department of Labour) would rather they don’t get too closely aquainted with live power lines.  It seemed for a long time that the Power Board’s only option was going to be taking the lines from the front of our house, and temporarily directing them across the street, along the other side, and back again.  Like so…


I had a RIDICULOUS amount of fun drawing this.

Taking a few weeks, four new power poles, and a lot of money.  No, really, a lot of money.  My sense of fiscal proportion may be freakishly out of whack these days (which tends to happen when you get bills on a daily basis that are more than your entire paycheck last year – I suspect you either become immune to large digits, or collapse in a corner gibbering about how you should have been an architect or a drain layer), but $20,000 is still some serious coin.


We asked. They didn’t accept “Foreign Currency”.

Then, apparently someone had the lightbulb moment that instead of redirecting the power to the entire suburb, they might be able to just put the electrical equivalent of a condom over the lines.

Mind you, this exercise still required two cherry pickers, two trucks, five men directing traffic, and seven guys dangling in mid air….


I missed the whole thing, but in my mind it looked very much like this.

And so we have Financial Crisis No. 4817 narrowly averted and  the power lines are safe to be around.  Which means…..

More scaffolding!   (I would have got a picture of it, but I was trying to stop Pugs from either climbing up it or running into the road in front of a busHelicopter parent, I KNOW.)

Thanks to Lyall Bay on Facebook who posted this snap.  Clearly not wrangling kids.  Or more of the Free Range Parenting style.

AHA!  Thanks to Lyall Bay on Facebook who posted this snap. Clearly THEY weren’t wrangling kids. Or they embrace more of the Free Range Parenting style.











And more scaffolding means more cladding, which means the final windows can go in, which means the front wall can be gibbed and plastered and painted and…..oh my stars, that would mean we are almost finished!!!!

Excuse me, I need to go lie down and breathe into a paper bag for a while.